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3. My (revolutionary) improvement proposal over all tournament chess pairing systems

Sometime in 2007 there was an inflation of online articles on quick draws in chess. So, I also then gave it some thought, too, although I am still convinced this “problem” is not very serious if analysed generally.

My solution then was simple enough and it later resulted in much more than discouraging quick draws.

A new pairing system for all chess events (and especially ones based on the “swiss-system”), with always and always 1vs2, 3vs4, 5vs6, etc. with simple colouring adjustment in case of repeated pairings. The many benefits were immediately clear to me, and are easily understandable and best when tried out.

For example:
1. Quick draws (however difficult to avoid sometimes) do not make any sense any more as they will result in probably the same pairing in the next round with reversed colours. The player offering a draw with White will likely get to play the same player next round with Black pieces, and no one would want that, right? And certainly not without at least a fight first. All would be more encouraged to prepare to play to win (or just to play chess), whether with White or Black pieces.
2. Protection of ratings when potentially a higher rated player is to be paired with a lower rated one.
3. Fair pairings throughout a tournament.
4. Spectators get to see in each round, starting from round one, the strongest and/or best performing players matched against each other.
5. A lower rated and performing player keeps their chance to improve if upsetting higher rated players, or if simply winning games.

Try it, you’ll love it!
I’ve been witnessing it now for 4 years already in training tournaments and its without a single flaw. More importantly, all the players and their parents (in case of youth) liked and respected it.

14 Feb 2013
“GM Alexander Khalifman: In my view, the fact that in all other Swiss tournaments you should outplay 2-3 (as a minimum) players with the rating 2000-2300 in order to play against a strong player doesn’t support creativity at all. That’s a boring obligation.” source