Chess Training Online

I consider requests for 1-1 online chess training sessions.

You may contact me best via email for more details.
Please use as subject header: Online Chess Training

Benefits that matter:
1. Excel with Chess Combinations vision.
2. Excel with the ability to identify Chess Tactics resources.
3. Dominate Chess Endgame Techniques.
4. Learn when and how to apply basic or advanced Chess Strategy concepts.
5. Excel at Strategic Vision.
6. Dramatically increase knowledge on Chess Openings.
7. Learn to play Smart Chess.
8. Increase understanding of Chess Moves, starting from move one.
9. Develop Chess Intuition.
10. Learn how to conduct Chess Game Preparation properly.
11. Learn how to pay attention to chess piece coordination and harmony.
12. Increase Chess Confidence.
13. Learn how to manage your time properly using all time controls.